Helping out Bahiyaa’s Mom

Another test case of NEW + IMPROVED alternative formats! 😀

I just wrote a comment on Bahiyaa’s mom’s blog. The way I know that is that Bahiyaa’s mom wrote a post about Bahiyaa a little over half a year ago (when she started the blog, I think — the featured photo for this post is from that blog post).

Here’s my comment:

Hi Nicole 🙂

I bet few people interact much with this website BECAUSE you’re not making it easy to navigate.

You need to pay more attention to making it easier for people to find not only YOUR NEWEST POST (which will also not be easy to find if you don’t ‘MAKE* it easy to find), but also the MANY POSTS YOU’VE ALREADY WRITTEN.

I suggest you ask someone with more experience in using WP to help you out. You could also check out videos on (if you’re not too bandwidth challenged). Use widgets in your sidebar (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, learn!) — for example: recent posts, archives, comments (maybe this one will show up 😉 )…. Use tags and categories. Include pictures.

And if you want, feel free to sign up at 😀

🙂 Norbert

I remember well over a decade ago when I participated in a community many affectionately referred to as “” I had this slogan: “I hate to wait“. At the time I made (and often repeated) that remark I was referring to response times of web-pages (saying I wouldn’t wait long than about a second for a web-page to load). Here I wish to use it again — but here I want to point out that I don’t want to run the risk of waiting 3 years for a noob to discover that my comment ought to be published.


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