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I have always thought that I connect with people who let me into their lives, not entirely but if I know certain things about them, I like them better. So here are 20 random facts about me which you can be interested in.

  1. I am born and brought up in Mumbai, India- I’m 17, I have amazing parents and an elder brother. My dad is a surgeon, my mom is a nutritionist and my brother is currently pursuing MBBS.
  2. I am a South Indian- my dad’s a Tulu and my mom is Konkani, however, I can speak neither. Hindi and English are my sweet spots. A little weak marathi too.
  3. I am a huge Bollywood fan- I have grown up watching Anjali-Rahul and ofc Poo.
  4. Never trouble me while watching cricket – ofc it started with a huge crush on Virat Kohli (posters, newspaper cuttings, photos, etc) and I started loving the sport.
  5. I am scared of all animals and have never liked dogs– you can judge me all you want but dont get a dog in front of me, I will jump out of the window.
  6. As every kid I also wanted to be a doctor till 5th std, but “mujhse zyaada padhai wadhai nahi hoti”- that’s why I took arts. just kidding.
  7. Have not been to a concert – I wanted to go for JB’s concert but ‘Ammi nahi maani’ thank god. we all know how it went.
  8. I am shit scared of theme park rides.
  9. I like baking, I have done a photography course and I have also learnt classical dance, hip hop, etc.- I will get a Job somewhere.
  10. I know people are going to judge me but I absolutely love watching tiktoks, I can spend hours doing that. I tiktok and chill.
  11. My life mantra is WWBWD- what will Blair Waldorf do? I absofuckingutely love her.
  12. Again everyones gonna judge me but- I am a huge Bigg boss fan, I defend people, I shout at my family for talking in between. fun fact- we spent my birthday at home coz bb finale.
  13. “Who cannot fall in love with New York City”- I have never been to NYC, but that’s my dream destination and yes I’m planning to visit it soon.
  14. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I do try to find who my ‘soulmate’ is gonna be. I dont remember but I do try to find out hehe.
  15. I am a water baby. I love water rides, swimming and I plan to do snorkelling or underwater diving very soon.
  16. I can spend hours watching James Charles tutorials because I love makeup.
  17. I am a sucker for stationery- they say diamonds are a girls best friend, for me its pens, diaries, highlighters, sticky notes omg.
  18. I am not a foodie but I love crispy chicken burgers. Also, I cannot tolerate spicy food. I just can’t-
  19. I am completely a coffee person. never really tried tea except for green tea.
  20. I hate– heat (totally a winter person), being left on seen/like and wrong grammar.

This is just really random facts, I hope you guys can connect with me through this and those who knew these 20 facts about me, drop a comment. also those who relate to me, leave one too. I will try to be regular as possible but do follow me on Instagram. Thank you if you read this far and I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Hi Su 🙂

Is Suhaani your “correct” name — it’s beautiful, are you afraid people will misspell it (I almost did 😉 ).

Why is writing your “escape”? (as it says in your “tagline”?)

🙂 Norbert


[2020-04-26 14:14 UTC]


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