[anamariacherciu.art.blog] “L O V E making”

MOAP represented a search for the self, L O V E making embodies the exploration of that ‘found self’.

Being affected by several mental health problems from a young age, I have been continuously chasing a cure. I have been desperately seeking for the tools that could at least alleviate the suffering, especially during the recent years of my life.

Sometimes when the dreadful chaos would quiet down I would begin to notice that I am not alone. There are other souls silently screaming and crying. Observing this aspect is rather sad than comforting.

Succeeding various methods of really suppressing the problem rather than holistically treating it, I ultimately found love. This might sound plain or appear to be a far too simple answer, but truly it is this simple. The complexity however, lays within the layers of love, the depths that can be reached through it. 

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you took yourself on a date? Offer love to yourself. Do not resist it. There is no need to. Stop running. Turn around and look at your Self. Embrace it. Accept it. Approve it. Strip-off and just be. All that is happening is happening within you. You are the one you are living with for the greatest part during this life. Build a conscious relationship with yourself. Let go of being alienated and estranged from yourself and welcome yourself.

L O V E making embodies a personal project focused on inspiring its audience to consider the emotion of love. The aim is to spark the interest in whoever might connect with the project to reflect on the idea of love. The objective is to make the audience feel.

The intent is situated far from the action of trapping the concept of love within words by attaching any labels to it. Love is subjective to every human being populating this great planet. Rather than providing a rigid, limited portrait of what love could mean, the focus is placed on the feeling.

The aim is attained by the fabrication of a collection / series of digitally manipulated self-portrait photographs. Additionally, the gentle colour palette weaving the aesthetic of the project alongside the shapes and the forms introduced also represent key elements supporting the intent. ( Note To Self: to be revised after the final outcome is produced )

L O V E making represents a form of transmission for the emotion of love. Transcending any social constructs such as gender, this project communicates to every individual who resonates with it. 

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[2020-04-28 14:18 UTC]


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[kellyfrickconnect.com] “DON’T BE SO ANGRY!”

How often have you been told to not to FEEL ANGER!
I use to be angry about EVERYTHING! And I honestly didn’t know or understand why.
Now I understand that it was my body trying to move the emotion through so it didn’t sit in my body and create greater issues. The problem is I didn’t know how to process it out so it festered and it DID create havoc!
Now when I feel anger bubbling up, I don’t try to suppress it or feel shame or guilt about it……I address it head-on!
This (click here) TAPPING VIDEO will help you process out the ANGER you may be feeling about the Corona Virus.
Hope you have an awesome day….and remember ANGER itself isn’t bad…..it’s your body trying to get you to take action……it only becomes an issue if you let it sit in your body and don’t do something about it!
Many blessings and hugs,
Kelly 😉
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One way to not feel angry is to avoid using ALLCAPS. 😉


[2020-04-15 14:55 UTC]

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