Us & Them are 2 categories of posts:

  • Us: written here (first) — this is the “default” category
  • Them: written there (first) — i.e., this was first written somewhere else, and is referenced / shared here

Let’s go into more detail about this second category. The thinking here is to create a space for comments written elsewhere (across the web) … which remain unpublished. In order for this to work, the following guidelines are suggested / recommended / etc:

  1. title format: [] “Original Title”
  2. the text of the original post should be included in its entireity (this should be at the top of the post, in “blockquote” format); supporting media are also recommended, but are not as essential
  3. only a link to the unpublished comment is required; if this is not available, then the post is not a valid “them” post (all other links are deemed invalid)
  4. a copy of the unpublished comment itself (author must be identical)
  5. a timestamp (approxiamate), in the following format: [YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm UTC] (HH refers to 24hr clock digits; alternatives to UTC are also permissible)
  6. it is strongly recommended that only comments that remain unpublished for at least 24 hours be published (here) as “them” posts