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Hi, I’m Rosanna. I can’t believe I’m writing this right now because it is completely out of my comfort zone.  I am not the most outgoing person, but we have been living in the time of quarantine and I’ve been stuck inside the house for more days than I care to count. What better time to start making new connections and try something different?

I am mom of two kids and a special education teacher. While Covid-19 has made me a work from home mom for the time being, I usually work in a middle school with students who have learning disabilities.

It seems to me like there are a ton of blogs out there for special education teachers, but I have not found nearly as many blogs geared towards the secondary level and specifically for learning disabilities (let me know if I’m wrong). I would love to connect with other educators and share resources to support this specific population. 

As a teacher and mom, I have read my fair share of blogs. I honestly never imagined that I would be writing one. Now that I have started this blogging journey, I have already gained the utmost respect and gratitude for all of the bloggers who put their hearts and souls out there for everyone to see.

I first started using Pinterest and discovered blogs when I started teaching ten years ago and continued to use it for fashion, recipes, cleaning, and more. Then I became pregnant with my first child, and I turned to Pinterest for all things pregnancy and baby related.

Reading stories and advice from other moms was so important to me when I was pregnant because I felt really overwhelmed and had no idea what to expect or how to prepare for a baby. I did not have my mom or many close friends who had babies at that time. These women who put their blogs out there will never know how much they helped me.

Now I hope I can share a few things that I have learned and help some other new moms, new teachers, or anyone else along the way.


Hi Rosanna 🙂

I don’t generally correspond with gmail (for privacy reasons). I did want to suggest using tags and / or categories — not only as a way to connect with others, but also as a way to re-connect with things you’ve previously written. I understand it might feel odd to think it could ever be hard to find something, but time happens! 😉

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I just woke up today feeling very blessed and grateful so I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart

I’ve been blogging for AGES already, but this JAX project is something new + exciting.

At first US + THEM categories appeared crystal clear, within a few days their appearance have already become quite murky. Yet never fear, IDK why but it sounds good.

Today I read this post on Small Town Girl’s blog (the other day I was wondering whether she is a girl from a small town, or perhaps she is a short lady who happens to be a town girl?):

It’s a great feeling to know that whenever I get a sudden, random urge to let out my innermost thoughts and feelings, I have a platform that’s ready and waiting for me to start typing and hit ‘publish’.


This degree of AWESOMEness is of course unparalleled — except for any of the other hundreds of blogs I manage, or the many thousands of posts + sites I read, interact with, participate in, collaborate on, sort of within you and without you, all the time, for weeks, months, years, even decades since I gave up writing HTML by hand.

There are pros and cons of hitchhiking across the universe of prose and messages, sailing and surfing, flying and crashing, mashing up, tearing down, discovering new horizons. I wrote about what it means to not lose your orientation last week:

Language builds connections — insofar as it is meaningful.


I am also gushingly happy and elated that a community exists which I feel also understands language much the way I do, too. We are able to navigate to the destination almost as if instinctively, and get to the point without losing track of the big picture. We share real space, real life, cyberspace and one world.

It’s enough. It’s for all of us. We are engaged, we will work towards mutual understanding, to communicate using sufficiently similar linguistic technologies (such as compatible expressions, standarized languages, etc.).

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[uncomfortablesituations2020.wordpress.com] “My name is Carly and I am only slightly terrified to be doing this”

Hi there! My name (as the title suggests) is Carly. I want this year to be a year of growth for me. I am aware that it is mid-April, but with school and the world kind of ending, I am just now finding time to write my first post. I am writing this blog for me, myself, and I. But if I meet some cool people along the way, that would be dope.

The reason I started this blog was pretty simple. I was sitting in a social media marketing class at Brigham Young University. That specific day we had a panel of social media influencers joining us. I was very inspired by what they were saying; “Find out what you are passionate about, and make that the center of all you do,” and “Be authentic,” and “Create value.” I just didn’t know how to begin. So with a little courage, (a motto of mine for a few years has been: “Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage”) I approached the panelists after class.

Danielle, from @todaysthebestday on Instagram, gave me one simple task. She told me to go home that night and do a “brain dump.” Take 60 seconds to write down everything that brings me joy and makes me feel alive. Once the minute was over, circle the top three things and start a blog about one of the topics. I did this exercise nearly two months ago, so I am unable to find the list, but I know that “Getting out of my comfort zone” was in my top three passions.

So here I am. This blog is where I plan on writing the crazy, wild, embarrassing, silly, sad, heart-breaking, experiences I have in 2020 as I strive to leave my comfort zone. I whole-heartedly believe this will be a life-changing project for me. I am excited (and only slightly terrified) to be open, authentic, and raw with myself and anyone who happens across this blog. This will all be a learning process, but that’s what leaving your comfort zone is all about: learning and progressing.


Hi Carly 🙂

What kind of uncomfortable situations do you have planned? 😛

BTW: WP has TONS of bells + whistles — “tags” are a good place to start, and then also try out the customizer … like try adding a “tag cloud” widget. You can email me if you want / need help / tips … and / or search for video tutorials @ wordpress.tv 😉

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