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Hi there! My name (as the title suggests) is Carly. I want this year to be a year of growth for me. I am aware that it is mid-April, but with school and the world kind of ending, I am just now finding time to write my first post. I am writing this blog for me, myself, and I. But if I meet some cool people along the way, that would be dope.

The reason I started this blog was pretty simple. I was sitting in a social media marketing class at Brigham Young University. That specific day we had a panel of social media influencers joining us. I was very inspired by what they were saying; “Find out what you are passionate about, and make that the center of all you do,” and “Be authentic,” and “Create value.” I just didn’t know how to begin. So with a little courage, (a motto of mine for a few years has been: “Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage”) I approached the panelists after class.

Danielle, from @todaysthebestday on Instagram, gave me one simple task. She told me to go home that night and do a “brain dump.” Take 60 seconds to write down everything that brings me joy and makes me feel alive. Once the minute was over, circle the top three things and start a blog about one of the topics. I did this exercise nearly two months ago, so I am unable to find the list, but I know that “Getting out of my comfort zone” was in my top three passions.

So here I am. This blog is where I plan on writing the crazy, wild, embarrassing, silly, sad, heart-breaking, experiences I have in 2020 as I strive to leave my comfort zone. I whole-heartedly believe this will be a life-changing project for me. I am excited (and only slightly terrified) to be open, authentic, and raw with myself and anyone who happens across this blog. This will all be a learning process, but that’s what leaving your comfort zone is all about: learning and progressing.


Hi Carly 🙂

What kind of uncomfortable situations do you have planned? 😛

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