[irevuo.art] “Dictionary of Unusual Words”

Words and language are at the core of our identity, they allow us to define ourselves, to share our stories, and they are essential to our ability to communicate with others.

This means that there are some words out there that are impossible to translate from one language to another, or describe incredibly particular feelings, objects, or states of mind.

So, without further ado, here’s a collection of some of the most unusual words we use.

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Vocabularies are by no means fixed — they expand and contract constantly, whether from day to day or whether from context to text (such as who we are using words to communicate with).

Much like Shakespeare, I create words in an ad hoc manner — one of my favorite such creations is the word “distrustworthy” … by which I mean something that is worthy of distrust (HMU if you want to know some such examples 😉 ).

Dictionary of Unusual Words

[2020-04-03 07:03 UTC]


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