[ankitakumari08.wordpress.com] “Attachment is not love.”

Ask most people what makes a life meaningful, and most will say relationships.
Breathe a little more. Lean, touch, and connect. The reality is, real love and real connections doesn’t come that cheaply. In love we may fight. Some of us run. We effectively cling to the other person, moving ourselves into their spaces and violate boundaries- ours and theirs. We get jealous, demanding, and emotional. We do more and then flail when we don’t get appreciated.
Attachment is not love. I may have a male best friend; you may have a female best friend. You may be attached to him or her emotionally but that isn’t love.
To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that you are giving something. It does not involve addiction and compassion but rather lightness and compassion. It means being complete on your own and coping up with your partners mechanism and behaviours’. Love needs connection. The more connected you are, the healthier you will be both physically and emotionally. The less connected you are, the more you are at risk. If you and your partner stay away make it a point to call him or her up at least for a few minutes. Love does not mean you always need to talk over phone or meet regularly. But, the generation we are in, everything is risky. Make them understand that you miss them. The lesser you talk; the more is your relationship at risk. Be focused. Don’t let your love life ruin your aim in life. Love and career are two different paths. Don’t mix them up. Never. Love for many is simply attraction, distraction and infatuation. If you feel this you are not in love my friend. Love will not die even if you don’t get physical or even if you don’t meet up regularly. Never be demanding or controlling. Never ask your partner to think as you do or to do as you say.
I have not been in many relationships. Seriousness means being loyal. If you want to take a break, want someone else as your partner, say it at once. It may hurt but do so. Never cheat on your partner. Don’t avoid falling in love. The more you avoid love; you are more likely to fall in love. Just do what you feel like. Never force yourself to do anything. They are many different types of people out there. You aren’t going to be compatible and comfortable with all of them. Be true to your partner. Open up your views, your experiences, your feelings, and your mind. Love is never perfect. If you are struggling with love, fight for it. You may succeed. Don’t just date because you don’t want to be alone or you don’t have a control over your sex hormones. Be loyal or leave. Never dream of your future. I believe in destiny. If we are meant to be together we will be, no matter what. Efforts are needed in love. You try at times and then you manage to be together for yet another couple of years. You grow up, become more mature with every passing day. And just as you start to appreciate the simplicity of being in love together, life took an obvious turn- college ended, and you start to work. Stress at work always propagates back home. Everyone needs to vent out the frustration and we understand that. Problems resurface when you couldn’t give each other the most basic thing in a relationship- time. Distance increases and things change. Don’t let this happen in your love life. Trust me it will be hard for you, very hard indeed. This is seen most in this generation. Prove this wrong. Your love story can’t be incomplete. Be strong, fight against everyone, fight against all odds, fight against all circumstances, be loyal, be true and just trust your partner and your destiny.

And even after lots of trials, if you don’t like the story you are in. Leave. You can’t let your mental peace be at risk for the sake of this relationship thing. Time heals everything.
Life will be perfect one day. Trust me.


and … so what?

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[specialteachermom.wordpress.com] “My First Blog Post”

Hi, I’m Rosanna. I can’t believe I’m writing this right now because it is completely out of my comfort zone.  I am not the most outgoing person, but we have been living in the time of quarantine and I’ve been stuck inside the house for more days than I care to count. What better time to start making new connections and try something different?

I am mom of two kids and a special education teacher. While Covid-19 has made me a work from home mom for the time being, I usually work in a middle school with students who have learning disabilities.

It seems to me like there are a ton of blogs out there for special education teachers, but I have not found nearly as many blogs geared towards the secondary level and specifically for learning disabilities (let me know if I’m wrong). I would love to connect with other educators and share resources to support this specific population. 

As a teacher and mom, I have read my fair share of blogs. I honestly never imagined that I would be writing one. Now that I have started this blogging journey, I have already gained the utmost respect and gratitude for all of the bloggers who put their hearts and souls out there for everyone to see.

I first started using Pinterest and discovered blogs when I started teaching ten years ago and continued to use it for fashion, recipes, cleaning, and more. Then I became pregnant with my first child, and I turned to Pinterest for all things pregnancy and baby related.

Reading stories and advice from other moms was so important to me when I was pregnant because I felt really overwhelmed and had no idea what to expect or how to prepare for a baby. I did not have my mom or many close friends who had babies at that time. These women who put their blogs out there will never know how much they helped me.

Now I hope I can share a few things that I have learned and help some other new moms, new teachers, or anyone else along the way.


Hi Rosanna 🙂

I don’t generally correspond with gmail (for privacy reasons). I did want to suggest using tags and / or categories — not only as a way to connect with others, but also as a way to re-connect with things you’ve previously written. I understand it might feel odd to think it could ever be hard to find something, but time happens! 😉

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[shemeansbold.wordpress.com] “RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!”

I have always thought that I connect with people who let me into their lives, not entirely but if I know certain things about them, I like them better. So here are 20 random facts about me which you can be interested in.

  1. I am born and brought up in Mumbai, India- I’m 17, I have amazing parents and an elder brother. My dad is a surgeon, my mom is a nutritionist and my brother is currently pursuing MBBS.
  2. I am a South Indian- my dad’s a Tulu and my mom is Konkani, however, I can speak neither. Hindi and English are my sweet spots. A little weak marathi too.
  3. I am a huge Bollywood fan- I have grown up watching Anjali-Rahul and ofc Poo.
  4. Never trouble me while watching cricket – ofc it started with a huge crush on Virat Kohli (posters, newspaper cuttings, photos, etc) and I started loving the sport.
  5. I am scared of all animals and have never liked dogs– you can judge me all you want but dont get a dog in front of me, I will jump out of the window.
  6. As every kid I also wanted to be a doctor till 5th std, but “mujhse zyaada padhai wadhai nahi hoti”- that’s why I took arts. just kidding.
  7. Have not been to a concert – I wanted to go for JB’s concert but ‘Ammi nahi maani’ thank god. we all know how it went.
  8. I am shit scared of theme park rides.
  9. I like baking, I have done a photography course and I have also learnt classical dance, hip hop, etc.- I will get a Job somewhere.
  10. I know people are going to judge me but I absolutely love watching tiktoks, I can spend hours doing that. I tiktok and chill.
  11. My life mantra is WWBWD- what will Blair Waldorf do? I absofuckingutely love her.
  12. Again everyones gonna judge me but- I am a huge Bigg boss fan, I defend people, I shout at my family for talking in between. fun fact- we spent my birthday at home coz bb finale.
  13. “Who cannot fall in love with New York City”- I have never been to NYC, but that’s my dream destination and yes I’m planning to visit it soon.
  14. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I do try to find who my ‘soulmate’ is gonna be. I dont remember but I do try to find out hehe.
  15. I am a water baby. I love water rides, swimming and I plan to do snorkelling or underwater diving very soon.
  16. I can spend hours watching James Charles tutorials because I love makeup.
  17. I am a sucker for stationery- they say diamonds are a girls best friend, for me its pens, diaries, highlighters, sticky notes omg.
  18. I am not a foodie but I love crispy chicken burgers. Also, I cannot tolerate spicy food. I just can’t-
  19. I am completely a coffee person. never really tried tea except for green tea.
  20. I hate– heat (totally a winter person), being left on seen/like and wrong grammar.

This is just really random facts, I hope you guys can connect with me through this and those who knew these 20 facts about me, drop a comment. also those who relate to me, leave one too. I will try to be regular as possible but do follow me on Instagram. Thank you if you read this far and I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Hi Su 🙂

Is Suhaani your “correct” name — it’s beautiful, are you afraid people will misspell it (I almost did 😉 ).

Why is writing your “escape”? (as it says in your “tagline”?)

🙂 Norbert


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[wluvb.wordpress.com] “What day is it again?”

Quarantine has been, well y’know, quarantine. The days feel slow and I have trouble remembering which day it is, but somehow the weeks are going by quickly…? My daily schedule is a little odd because I have class from 1:30-5:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 1:30-2:30 on Fridays, but that’s it. So, my sleep schedule is a little janky right now, but I’m trying to get back to normal.

Last week was my most productive week in quarantine thus far and that’s all thanks to my dad! He let me go into his office to get work done (don’t worry, no one else was there), and we have been doing all the volleyball workouts together (see pictures below). Although it’s been pretty hard for me to motivate, my dad has certainly been keeping me accountable, which I am so thankful for.

I tried my hand at cooking this week and made chicken bruschetta! It actually turned out pretty well, but I still mainly stick to baking my famous chocolate chip cookies. Although they’re slightly less healthy, they are totally worth it. See pictures of my mad cooking skills below! OH! and our neighbor made us homemade face masks for all our outings, so check out our stylish fabrics in the pic below too!

Staying connected with friends and teammates has been interesting during this time. I have been on 27 FaceTime calls just this week LOL. That sounds ridiculous, but I am really missing all my peeps from W&L. We’ve gotten to have Zoom calls with the team and a bunch of calls with a lot of recruits—it’s been super fun!!

This time apart has made me realize how lucky I am to get to go to a school that I so deeply and genuinely care about. The people are what make W&L what it is, so I am seriously missing them: our team, my other friends, and even my professors. One of my professors actually lives in Charlottesville, so paid him a socially distant visit (see picture below). It was seriously so fun to just talk to him for a short time and see someone, even from a distance. At W&L, we get to form special relationships with our professors because our class sizes are small, and I think that is something that I take for granted, but it is for sure one of my favorite parts of the academic side of W&L.

Though this time is hard, it’s pretty cool to see the ways people are continuing to connect and the ways people are stepping up to help those around them who are less fortunate. Amidst the darkness, there is light and hope and that is something to smile about! Best wishes to everyone out there—stay happy and healthy to the best of your abilities ◡̈

Lots of love, Courtney Berry #20


Hi Courtney 🙂

It seems like this is a group blog (?) — maybe the Washington & Lee volleyball team??

I liked reading your post, and / but for a random surfer that more-or-less randomly find an individual post like this, putting 1 or 2 sentences onto the “about” page would be a big help (IMHO context is actually more important than content 😉 ).

If you guys (gals?) want any more tips, don’t hesitate to reply and / or drop me an email!

😀 Norbert

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[https://upperperk.wordpress.com] “Staying connected in a disconnected world”

There are few people I know who are more involved in others’ lives the way I am. That is not meant as a slight to others or a pat on the back to me. I use it as information to give credibility to the information I plan to share. As soon as this virus hit, my world of connecting spun out of control. Normally I literally sit with 10 to 12 people a week outside of meetings and my other church and life responsibilities. As a result, I had to take a hard look at what connecting looked like now that I couldn’t connect in the traditional ways. Going into week 3 or 4, I have already lost track, let me share a few things I have learned and am learning.

  1. Rest is important. As I learned what to do, I have also learned that I too need to take this time of readjustment to do a better job of unplugging, slowing down and learning what stillness before God looks like better. So those of you driven ones like me, read and apply this first.
  2. Limit your time in the news and news feeds. What does that have to do with being connected? If you are constantly trying to stay connected with all that is available through the various sources of news and information you will literally use all your time in what can easily create additional stress, frustration and confusion. You can also go the other way and watch so much comedic snippets, videos and the like that you have no idea what and who are even alive😊. The challenge is real then to have any time to try to connect to and develop further your relationships with people.
  3. Be willing to go old school. Pick up your phone, no, not to text, but to call. Yes, I said call. You know where you hit the numbers and talk to a person on the other end? There is nothing quite like hearing a human voice when you can’t talk face to face. There are also free teleconferencing lines that you can use to talk to a group of people. Another practice I have found is writing letters. I am taking time each day to write a couple of letters of encouragement or connectivity. Taking the time to think through who and what you want to write is helpful to process the blessings you have in your life. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved. Pull out the construction paper, crayons and markers and have them write little notes or make pictures for people and mail them off.
  4. Technology can be connecting. There is tech that is all one sided but there is also interactive tech. Why not use Zoom or WebEx and invest in discipleship, Bible studies, family game nights or other creative things? Seeing a person and hearing them when you can’t be with them is a shadow of the norm but at least it is a shadow. It also grows the longing to be able to be together again.
  5. Do a drive by. There are ways to stay safe and distanced without taking risks. I have been stopped as I walked on the side of the road, had people talk to me from the sidewalk as we stood in the driveway and even chatted from car to car. There are some of you who would not feel comfortable doing that at all and others that did not even think of that and might like to try it. Above all, follow the safety guidelines set up, but these can be creative ways that you can see each other when you can’t be with each other.

These are just a few things that I have done. Maybe my thoughts will get some of your own going too. The bottom line is this: connectivity is a command not a suggestion by God. So, when you can’t connect the way you want to, why not try some alternative ways until we really can all meet again.

Hello Pastor 🙂

you mention technology — most people do not consider natural language to be a technology, but I do. For example, “connection” is a very important concept to me (and my work) — and it is via this concept (and more broadly, then technology of natural language) that I found your post.

As far as I know, (natural) language is also first and foremost in the Bible. It’s right there in Genesis 1:1 , right?

I wrote this recently:


Do you have an opinion on it?


🙂 nmw

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