I just woke up today feeling very blessed and grateful so I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart

I’ve been blogging for AGES already, but this JAX project is something new + exciting.

At first US + THEM categories appeared crystal clear, within a few days their appearance have already become quite murky. Yet never fear, IDK why but it sounds good.

Today I read this post on Small Town Girl’s blog (the other day I was wondering whether she is a girl from a small town, or perhaps she is a short lady who happens to be a town girl?):

It’s a great feeling to know that whenever I get a sudden, random urge to let out my innermost thoughts and feelings, I have a platform that’s ready and waiting for me to start typing and hit ‘publish’.


This degree of AWESOMEness is of course unparalleled — except for any of the other hundreds of blogs I manage, or the many thousands of posts + sites I read, interact with, participate in, collaborate on, sort of within you and without you, all the time, for weeks, months, years, even decades since I gave up writing HTML by hand.

There are pros and cons of hitchhiking across the universe of prose and messages, sailing and surfing, flying and crashing, mashing up, tearing down, discovering new horizons. I wrote about what it means to not lose your orientation last week:

Language builds connections — insofar as it is meaningful.


I am also gushingly happy and elated that a community exists which I feel also understands language much the way I do, too. We are able to navigate to the destination almost as if instinctively, and get to the point without losing track of the big picture. We share real space, real life, cyberspace and one world.

It’s enough. It’s for all of us. We are engaged, we will work towards mutual understanding, to communicate using sufficiently similar linguistic technologies (such as compatible expressions, standarized languages, etc.).


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Let’s pretend you had a magic wand that if you shake, it will show you what the rest of your life will look like — would you give it a go or would you throw away the stick and just go with it?

Tanushree Shetty gives it a go:

I have learned over the years that playing it safe is just an illusion


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Written = Dead ?

Is writing — are written words — dead?

I don’t think so, but I’d like you to tell me what your opinion is.

In the meantime — while I wait — I will write down my ideas into short notes and similarly flexible media constructions.

Please: Speak up! Comment! Opine! etc.!

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