[kellyfrickconnect.com] “DON’T BE SO ANGRY!”

How often have you been told to not to FEEL ANGER!
I use to be angry about EVERYTHING! And I honestly didn’t know or understand why.
Now I understand that it was my body trying to move the emotion through so it didn’t sit in my body and create greater issues. The problem is I didn’t know how to process it out so it festered and it DID create havoc!
Now when I feel anger bubbling up, I don’t try to suppress it or feel shame or guilt about it……I address it head-on!
This (click here) TAPPING VIDEO will help you process out the ANGER you may be feeling about the Corona Virus.
Hope you have an awesome day….and remember ANGER itself isn’t bad…..it’s your body trying to get you to take action……it only becomes an issue if you let it sit in your body and don’t do something about it!
Many blessings and hugs,
Kelly 😉
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One way to not feel angry is to avoid using ALLCAPS. 😉


[2020-04-15 14:55 UTC]


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