Media + Information Literacy (MIL) learning activities all make use of low key smartphone technology — a fun and dynamic approach that brings excitement to any youth training

Keywords: africa , curricula , learning interventions , media and information literacy , milli , multiplier , namibia

The lead-up to the production of the media clips is where the real learning happens. What makes good news? What agendas can be behind news? What is propaganda and how do I recognize it? What are the risks with consuming and sharing news via social media? All training nurtures critical thinking and critical awareness.

Raising awareness about the existence of ‘online bubbles’ and ‘echo chambers’ forms part of that. It looks at the agendas of online actors, and how they, through the use of algorithms, present you with news and adverts that will fit your interest. It results in a limited view on the bigger issue.Most youth in Namibia do not shop online. Therefore the online commercial world will not find an easy entry point to target the individual with advertisements. But this might change.


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