How to Improve this Website?

Hi Folks 🙂

in case you haven’t noticed, I sort of gave up on this website a couple months ago… in part because there seemed to be very little interest in *participating* (though there did seen to be an inkling of interest in reading / consuming the content).

But also in part because actually creating posts was a major drag. 😐 That said, it seems to me easy enough from an algorithmic point of view. Does anyone have suggestions in this regard? I know, for example, that there used to be javascript “bookmarklets” on the web — some even developed by WP developers — that made such commentary fun, neato, quick & easy, stuff like that.

While I wait for responses to flood in (or prolly more likely trickle in), maybe I will try a new approach — to write replies / comments here (as “posts”) and then just link to the article in question. I am still mulling over that idea, not sure if I will actually do it or not. Right now my gut feeling is somewhere between a “definite maybe” and “meh”.


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